Financial Information

We will help you understand the wealth of options available and help find the right financial support for your fertility and IVF treatment costs.

Infertility care can be expensive, and for many patients the cost of treatment is a significant hurdle to overcome. Chelsea Fertility of New York City believes that financial constraints shouldn’t prevent anyone from starting a family, so we offer a variety of financing options for patients in need of assistance. Unlike other fertility practices and hospitals, Chelsea Fertility NYC features an onsite laboratory and operating room, eliminating the need for additional admission fees and significantly reducing patient travel time.

The actual cost of fertility treatment is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Your diagnosis
  • Your treatment plan
  • Your insurance coverage
  • Your prescription benefits

For this reason, our financial counselors will meet with you individually to review your insurance coverage, calculate an exact cost for fertility treatment, and discuss payment plans and financing.


IVF Self Pay – Includes ICSI
Natural Cycle IVF$7,500.00
Minimal Stim IVF$7,500.00
Standard Stim IVF$9,500.00
Facility Fee$900.00
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)$4,000.00
Package of 2 IVF Cycles$16,000.00
Must be used within 6 month period
Package of 3 IVF cycles$24,000.00
Must be used within an 8 month period
Non-IVF Treatment Costs
IUI Monitoring – Natural Cycle or Clomid$2,500.00
Egg Freezing Cycle
Includes one-year storage$4,000.00
Money-Back Guarantee for Delivery – must be pre-paid
Includes Four Fresh IVF Attempts$35,000.00
Unlimited Cryopreservation & FET
AH, PGD/PGS, facility fee/anesthesia not included
Refund based on age and ovarian reserve
Other terms and conditions may apply
Donor Egg – excludes medications, facility fee, FET, unless noted
Known Donor *excludes screening$16,500.00
Anonymous Donor *includes screening & donor payment
Recruited by Chelsea Fertility NYC
Starts at $26,500.00
Anonymous Donor *excludes donor screening, donor payment, agency fee
Recruited by Agency
Starts at $16,500.00
Anonymous Donor Frozen Eggs, Includes FET
Does not include agency fee for donor match, fee for frozen egg procurement
Egg Exchange with Partner, Includes FET$16,500.00