Medical / Immunizations

Do You Have Any Medical Problems?

Your complete medical and surgical history should be reviewed with you by your health care team. If you have certain health conditions, it may be important to have testing (i.e., blood tests) before you become pregnant to help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible and so that the health condition remains stable during the pregnancy. If your take medications, it might be important to change the dose or type of medication before you are pregnant. If you have a family history of birth defects or inherited diseases, a genetic consultation and testing is recommended.

Are Your Immunizations Up To Date?

Infection with Rubella during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects or illness to the fetus. If you have never had Rubella and your Rubella blood test is negative, it is recommended that you be vaccinated before you attempt pregnancy. The vaccine should be given at least one month before you try to conceive. During that month you should use a reliable form of birth control.

Infection with Varicella during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects or illness to the fetus and mother. If your Varicella blood test is negative, it is recommended that you be vaccinated before you attempt pregnancy. The vaccination for Varicella is a series of two injections, given one month apart. From the time of the first injection until one month after the second injection, you should use a reliable method of birth control.