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Egg Freezing (Elective)

Egg freezing, sometimes called “social” or “elective” egg freezing, is an increasingly popular family planning option for women in their 20s and 30s who wish to preserve their fertility for future family building goals.

Egg freezing gives women the opportunity to conceive their own biological child within a wider time frame. In recent years, the procedure has emerged as a different approach to medical egg freezing (fertility preservation), which is used when a woman is facing treatment or surgery that would put her fertility at risk, such as a cancer diagnosis. We invite patients to learn more about the potential freedoms egg freezing can provide.

What is egg freezing?

The actual process for egg freezing is the same as fertility preservation during which the patient will undergo ovarian stimulation and oocyte (egg) retrieval to obtain eggs that can be frozen and thawed at a later time when the patient is ready to have a child.

Approximately 20 frozen eggs is considered a reasonable number to freeze as insurance to later generate a pregnancy. With the use of cryoprotectants and cryotools, in combination with rapid freezing techniques (vitrification) and fertilization with ICSI, pregnancy rates using frozen and thawed oocytes are becoming standardized.

Chelsea Fertility offers patients a fee of $5,500 for one cycle.

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Who is a candidate for egg freezing?

The most common age range for women to freeze their eggs is around 32-36, but those who are younger or older are certainly candidates as well. Your doctor will ask that you discuss your motivation for freezing your eggs to ensure that this is the recommended course of action for your family planning needs. Some possible reasons for women to freeze their eggs include:

  • The desire to put your career, education, or travel plans as a priority for the near future
  • Not yet having found the right partner to start a family
  • Wanting to plan for other life goals first, such as buying a house or further financial savings ahead of trying for a pregnancy

Why choose egg freezing?

Women often feel enormous pressure to choose between personal goals (career, education, travel, etc.) and those related to family planning. For every woman who thought she had to sideline her aspirations to make her dream of starting a family come first, egg freezing provides an opportunity. It allows you to conceive your own biological child later in life. This means you control the clock when it comes to setting your life’s priorities.

Additionally, egg freezing has become increasingly affordable. At Chelsea Fertility, an egg freezing cycle costs $5,500 and this fee includes one year of cryostorage. For those women who are good candidates for the process, this investment toward ensuring future family planning needs is definitely a worthwhile consideration.

How to Get Started with Egg Freezing

We encourage those interested in egg freezing to talk to our physicians about the process. We’ll be able to answer questions and clear up any confusion about everything from treatment and storage costs to what’s involved from start to finish. If you are interested in freezing your eggs, please contact the specialists at Chelsea Fertility of New York City.