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Patient Testimonials

The physicians and staff from Chelsea Fertility NYC are proud to share a few of the many patient testimonials we have received over the years. Every card, note, letter and review that is kindly sent from current and former patients is deeply appreciated and serves as a constant reminder of the life-long impact our dedication to building families has made possible. We invite you to read a sample of our patient testimonials below.

“In October of 2016, we began our journey in trying to become parents through IVF. From the moment we stepped into your office, we knew we had made the right decision. I was finally heard. Your team was able to deliver compassion and understanding care, helping to ease my worry and anxiety along the way. Dr. Gindoff’s professionalism and integrity, along with his bed side manner, made me feel like I was in the most capable hands and that he genuinely cared for us as people and soon to be parents. I can’t thank you guys enough for the life changing services you’ve provided. Everyone that I was able to meet on your team has made a positive and lasting impact on my life and I am forever grateful. Tuesday, October 24, 2017, we welcomed our little girl E. into the world. She is perfect in every way.”
— A
“First of all, my husband and I would like to thank you for the wonderful care you all provided us during our journey to conceive. We finally welcomed our little girl I. into the world on March 23, 2017. She was a healthy 7 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches. She is a such a joy to have in our lives. We are forever grateful with you all for making our dream a reality.”
— E
“The wonderful and amazing team of Chelsea Fertility has brought us to a new journey in life. Our son Charlie has been a miracle and a belief that anything is possible, especially if Chelsea Fertility is apart of your life.We cannot express enough gratitude and loving care we received during our journey. Charlie will always have a family at CF.”
— TM & C
“Dr. Hartog, Elaine, Christina, Iryna, Embryologist, Natasha & the rest of the team! Thank you so much for making this experience bearable! When we couldn’t get pregnant the old fashioned way, I waited to long to do IVF because I dreaded the thought of the NYC Fertility Factory! Your office is FAR from that, and no matter what happens in our parenting journey, I thank all of you for making our IVF experience one filled with hope, dignity and individualized attention.”
— M & A
“Thank you for helping us bring P. into this world. He is a pure joy! Born 2/22/17, 9lb 7oz and 21.5 in. He was a bit bigger than we expected as I only gained 27 lbs. I hope all is well!”
— R.G.
“Dear Chelsea team, While we may not be “there yet”, your warmth, professionalism and humor has meant the world to us. All of our thoughts and bear hugs. P.S. There’s always a place to stay in New Zealand if any of you should visit!”
— A & I
“Thank you for working with us and for the best gift we could possibly hope for!”
— M & M
“With your help... We filled the nest. With great joy and anticipation, we announce that our sweet baby girl is due to arrive around May 26, 2017! Yay!”
— A & H
“Dear Dr. Hartog and Chelsea Fertility staff, Thank you so much for this little miracle! We are very fortunate to have found your clinic during our struggle. B.P. was born at 38 weeks on 12/30/16. He’s a happy and healthy little boy and was defintely worth the wait. He’s the best thing that ever happened to us — thank you!”
— A & G
“You all rock! C. is here today because of you and we three thank you. If all goes well, we may see you around June to see about getting her a little sibling. Keep making folks smile!”
— D & H
“We want to share with you the joyous news that M.H. has arrived! M. was born Friday, 11/18/16, at 3:33pm weighing 7 lbs and 20 inches long, today he is 4 weeks old already! He is very healthy and we are happy to be home! We first came to your practice in November 2015, and now one year later we have a happy and very healthy baby! We want to thank you for all the excellent care, expertise, guidance and support you provided us with on our journey to becoming a family.”
— A & A
“To Dr. Gindoff and staff, We are truly grateful for all of the hard work, dedication and support that you have all given us throughout our journey.”
— D&F
“To everyone at Chelsea Fertility, We want to thank you a million times over for helping us get pregnant! Every time we came in we felt your support, from the second I’d open the front door you greeted me with warmth and sincerity. Dr. Gindoff, you made me feel at ease with sensitive and sometimes scary information, and you have a certain charm that is really comforting. Jocelyn – your mix of kind and firm was the perfect combination. You made me feel like I could do this! We are now at 16 weeks and looking good! Oh, and it’s a boy! We’ll never forget the part you played.”
— L&M
“Dr. Gindoff, we will forever be grateful to you for your hand in this miracle. No matter where your life takes you, please always know that you have changed the course of our lives. You helped fulfill our greatest dream… thank you Dr. Gindoff from the bottom of our hearts.”
— R&J
“Words cannot express how thankful we are for our blessing. Thank you for your comforting way.”
— K.C.
“Dear Dr. Hartog, I just want to say “thank you”. You’re a special person. May you always know the kind of happiness you bring to others… knowing how much you cared has given me hope and happiness.”
— M.I.
“I want to thank you for your help and support as we have gone through the IVF process. It has been a difficult time, but your patience and expertise have made things so much easier.”
— J
“Dear Dr. Hartog and Team: We are so grateful we found you and had this amazing opportunity of a lifetime. You have made our dreams come true. Thank you so much for an incredible experience. Everyone was so helpful and professional.”
— J, J and Little L
“No words could ever adequately express my gratitude to you since the very first time Ted and I met with you in your office… Ted and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have been a remarkably caring, accessible and supportive physician. You were never condescending and always respected our need to ask questions and discuss various options and procedures in detail – a rarity indeed!”
— K&T
“Dr. Hartog… I hope you realize what a difference you make in your profession. We are so happy with our perfect little girl and look forward to having a couple more children. Who knows – maybe I’ll be lucky enough to have multiples next time.”
“Thank you so much for helping us achieve our dream. We could of never done it without you. You will always be in our thoughts.”
— V&M
“I wanted to thank you for helping us make our dream come true! I think that it was a combination of your skills and determination in your “craft”, along with a top-notch staff that made it finally happen.”
— C&E
“Thank you for your warm touch, encouragement and professional work! And also for the best present we could possibly have!”
“I adored Dr. Gindoff. He was accessible, deferential and always returned my phone calls and entertained all of my questions, no matter how flaky. I have never had my questions about anything answered so thoroughly as by Dr. Gindoff.”
— P.K.
“Dr. Hartog… I brag to everyone about these beautiful boys who are here because of you! We are thankful for the work you do every day!”
— L.P.
“Thank you for making this our happiest holiday ever. L is truly a miracle!”
— L&D
“Although I am extremely tardy in sending this note, I want to thank you very much for your role in my son’s conception. He is a healthy and happy little guy (also very cute!), and is loved by all the family near and far. As a physician, I found you very knowledgeable, reassuring, reasonable and easy to get a hold of, which counts for a lot.”
“You made a stressful process easy for me. Thank you for your wonderful care and advice.”
— C&D
“Thank you so much for your wonderful expertise and excellent care over the last several months. It’s still hard to believe that I am pregnant after only one IVF cycle… I feel very lucky that Wendy referred me to such a successful and caring physicians as yourself. The entire team I worked with consistently proved to be experts in their respective roles. The process was so smooth and organized, it made IVF seem almost easy. I firmly believe that had it not been for such expertise that I would not be pregnant today.”
“I want to thank you for all your help with my Ashermans Syndrome. I was told I would never get pregnant again, but I have my second son because of you!”
— M&B
“Our family can’t thank you enough – this Christmas is truly a blessing with our baby boy L due to be born next month. You have given us the miracle we’ve been waiting for and words cannot express the gratitude we feel toward each and every one of you in the office that made this pregnancy possible.”
— B&J
“Thank you for your warm touch, encouragement, and professional work! And for the best present we could possibly have.”
— S&K