Best Egg Freezing Package: $9,900 for Four Cycles

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Shared Risk

We offer shared risk programs as evidence of our confidence in the success rates of the fertility treatments we provide.

The Shared Financial Risk agreement was developed as a creative alternative to the traditional payment method for medical services and treatment associated with assisted reproductive technologies (ART). The traditional payment method (which of course we also offer) requires payment for each treatment cycle regardless of outcome. From time to time, patients have expressed concern about the cost of multiple treatment cycles and the uncertainty regarding outcome. For an agreed upon fee to Chelsea Fertility NYC you are allowed up to 4 stimulated IVF treatment cycles and the use of cryopreservaton in order to achieve one (1) successful pregnancy which ends with the birth of a live born baby.

The Shared Financial Risk agreement is completed with either withdrawal, completion of the 4 IVF cycles (and transfer of any cryopreserved embryos if applicable) or the birth of a live born baby, whichever comes first. For patients who do not experience a live birth through this treatment, money will be refunded according to the following criteria:

Share risk program includes 4 Fresh IVF Attempts
Must be pre-paid
Cryopreservation & FET
Assisted Hatching, PGD/PGT-A, facility fee/anesthesia not included
Refund based on age and ovarian reserve
Other terms and conditions may apply

Our Shared Financial Risk Program is offered selectively to couples who have completed a full medical pre-screening and are considered good ART candidates by Chelsea Fertility NYC. Many health insurance plans cover ART in some form, to a greater or lesser extent. You should check with your own insurance carrier to determine whether or not you are covered for IVF. We may assist you with your inquiry, but we cannot be responsible for determining whether or not you are covered for IVF. Generally, this Shared Financial Risk Program is for couples without insurance coverage.