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Resources for Healthy Pregnancy

Chelsea Fertility NYC encourages a healthy life style for all patients. Female and male factors contribute to healthy babies and to the success of fertility treatments. Whether you are thinking about getting pregnant or need the assistance of fertility treatments in order to get pregnant, now is the time to think about your health and habits and possibly make some changes.

Preparing for Pregnancy

The early weeks following conception are crucial for the embryo because it is during this time the embryo’s body and internal organs are formed. Certain substances (i.e., alcohol, tobacco, and drugs) may interfere with that growth, while a healthy lifestyle may help promote it.

Good health before pregnancy can help your body cope with the stress of pregnancy, labor and delivery. It can also help ensure that neither you nor your baby is exposed to things that could be harmful. Most women do not know they are pregnant until they are 5 to 8 weeks pregnant. As a woman/couple receiving treatment for infertility, you are in a position to anticipate when you may be pregnant and you can prepare for it.