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Egg Freezing FAQ by Dr. Paul Gindoff of Chelsea Fertility NYC

From Dr. Paul Gindoff of Chelsea Fertility NYC:

The most common FAQs from women who are considering egg freezing include: When should I freeze my eggs and how many eggs do I need to freeze?

  • Since fertility decreases from age 35 to 40 and drastically after that, the best time is in the fourth decade. That is from age 31-38. However, even patients over 40 can benefit if it conforms to their social and lifestyle choices.
  • A quick calculation for a woman at age 30 who has 20 mature eggs frozen would lead to a very high probability of one pregnancy.
  • Mature eggs represent about 75% of a typical egg harvesting. While the number of eggs harvested is a function of the age of the patient. Average yield at age 30 is a dozen quality eggs.

Egg freezing in many ways is like an insurance policy and mitigates against lost fertility potential in the future. If you ever fail to conceive even with treatments and are told that you need to use an egg donor to have a baby, then having your own eggs frozen from when you were younger can be the solution.