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How Much Does It Cost to Freeze My Eggs?

by Chelsea Fertility NYCPosted in Fertility PreservationJanuary 18th, 2017

Egg freezing, sometimes referred to as fertility preservation, gives women the opportunity to conceive their own biological child within a wider time frame. In recent years, the term “social egg freezing” has emerged as a different approach to medical egg freezing, used when a woman is facing treatment or surgery that would put her fertility at risk, such as a cancer diagnosis.

Social egg freezing refers to cases in which women freeze their eggs for reasons outside of medical causes. For example, they choose to place a firm priority on their career for the time being, but they know they’d like to build their family in the future.

Career goals aren’t the only reason why a woman might choose egg freezing. Sometimes, the process serves as a safeguard or backup if a relationship dissolves. Perhaps the woman has a family history of premature menopause or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Regardless of the reason to take control of future family planning, one of the first questions any egg freezing candidate will ask is: How much does it cost?

The cost of egg freezing, explained

Egg freezing, as a typically elective procedure, isn’t as likely to be covered under insurance. Some companies like Apple and Facebook have made changes to their employee coverage in recent years to cover fertility treatment services, including egg freezing, but this is not yet widespread. Due to this, the overall cost of the procedure and the additional charge for cryostorage -- how the eggs will be stored while frozen -- is of concern to women who wish to have the procedure, but are unsure if they can absorb the cost.

At Chelsea Fertility NYC, we’ve made a concentrated effort to provide affordable fertility care, including egg freezing services. We understand that the cost of an elective treatment is not taken lightly and that the expense could be greater than the desire to plan for an unknown future. Most women want to be in charge of when they will conceive, and we want to provide them the option of doing so by using eggs that they froze when they were younger. Because of this, we offer a $5,500 egg freezing cycle that includes one full year of cryostorage.

If you are interested in learning more about egg freezing, who is a good candidate for the procedure, the cost and more, please contact our office today.