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When Is a Fertility Consultation Needed?

by Chelsea Fertility NYCNovember 30th, 2018

If you know you want to build your family but haven’t been able to make it happen on your own, you’re probably ready to start your assisted reproduction journey with a consultation. However, many prospective fertility patients wonder, when exactly is the right time to schedule an appointment? How long do I wait before calling a fertility specialist?

When and how to schedule a fertility consultation

The following circumstances indicate that you might need assistance from a fertility specialist.

  • You’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for a year (six months if the female partner is over age 35)
  • You’re a single male, a homosexual male couple, or a heterosexual couple who is considering working with a gestational surrogate and/or an egg donor
  • You’re a single or lesbian female who wants to conceive using donor sperm

In some cases, your situation calls for infertility testing. Your initial fertility consultation will help you understand this testing and your family-building options. It’s easy to schedule with our fertility center. Simply contact Chelsea Fertility online or call (212) 685-BABY.

Questions to ask during your fertility consultation

You can use your consultation as an opportunity to learn more about what services can help you reach your family-planning goals. Here are some sample questions to ask your fertility specialist or your liaison at the fertility center.

It’s a good idea to bring a written list of your questions so you don’t forget any outstanding details you want to fully understand.

If you know you want to build your family but are unsure whether you’re ready for a fertility consultation, contact Chelsea Fertility to find out whether and when the time is right. Our team will walk you through the initial steps of working with one of our dedicated fertility specialists, as well as the financial aspects of the fertility options we offer. We look forward to hearing from you because we believe we can help you build your family.