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3 Advantages for Patients of Chelsea Fertility NYC

The journey to parenthood for LGBTQ couples or those facing an infertility diagnosis can be exciting – you’re finally building your family and have settled on using a fertility center to make this possible. There are a lot of new things to consider once you commit to a fertility practice, such as consultations, appointments for testing, treatment plans, medications, procedures and more. This can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the fertility community. In the best interest of those couples and individuals who seek fertility care at our practice, Chelsea Fertility of New York City has created a uniquely comprehensive boutique experience.

We know that when it comes to fertility treatment, you want the best care at an affordable rate, with a convenient location. For some NYC fertility practices, offering patients all three of these options is simply not possible, but Chelsea Fertility NYC was designed especially with your priorities in mind. Patients who visit our practice enjoy three key advantages on their path to parenthood, and we’ve outlined these benefits below.

We are a “one-stop” center for fertility care.

Quality and customer service is our priority. Expert clinical care built around our physicians who have lots of experience and an international reputation for excellence. Our physical plant is well appointed creating a relaxing environment that facilitates the overall journey.

One of the big frustrations for fertility patients is that they must travel to and from multiple locations for fertility appointments, tests, treatments and procedures. Some fertility practices send patients to separate locations and hospitals for egg retrieval procedures, and these facilities can charge pre-admission and registration fees - in addition to time and costs associated with traveling to these separate locations. Costs for this back-and-forth process can creep up over time and amount to significant fees by the end of a treatment cycle.

Patients of Chelsea Fertility NYC, on the other hand, can enjoy their fertility appointments at our one location. We do not send our patients to hospitals for IVF procedures – those are performed onsite in our offices. Being accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAASF) means that we are among the top clinics in the country and put safety first.

Our fertility services are affordable.

Building a family using assisted reproductive technology (ART) can be expensive. Chelsea Fertility NYC strongly believes that even couples facing financial constraints should be able to start their families. The cost of your fertility treatment depends on numerous factors (diagnosis, treatment plan, insurance coverage, etc.), and we offer competitive financial packages, including low-cost self-pay IVF, egg freezing, egg exchange for lesbian couples, a money-back guarantee for delivery and more, in order to assist you. Smart business practices and an educated consumer allows for a win-win for everyone involved.

We strive to work with patients.

So often, patients who seek fertility care are bombarded with information and treatment plans that they accept without question, even though they may have some concerns. Chelsea Fertility NYC is a facility that values every patient question and concern. We know this can be an overwhelming experience, and we want to do everything in our ability to make this as stress-free as possible. We encourage our patients to ask questions and voice any anxieties they may have. Most importantly, we listen to our patients. Having experience in fertility and reproductive medicine for close to thirty years has allowed our physicians to be very adept in supporting, counseling and triaging our patients most efficiently and sensitively. The team at Chelsea Fertility love their work and it shows!

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