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Cost-effective Fertility Treatment at Chelsea Fertility NYC

by Chelsea Fertility NYCJune 20th, 2016

A major concern for patients is the cost of medical care. This adds to the already stressful situation of dealing with conception delay or infertility. Fertility treatments are effective, but may be expensive, especially if your medical insurance is not covering it. Fortunately, there are many treatment options to consider.

From Dr. Paul Gindoff of Chelsea Fertility NYC:

IUI, natural cycle IVF, or IVF with injectable drugs are all reasonable options.

A major component of the overall cost of fertility treatment is medications. Many treatments can be done without hormone medications or natural cycle options. This can save thousands of dollars.

A patient favorite at Chelsea Fertility NYC (CFNYC) is natural cycle IUI. During this treatment option, the patient has monitoring and timed IUI with only needing an HCG trigger shot; there is no need for pills or hormone injections with great results because of the precision timing of ovulation with the insemination.

Cost-effective IVF can be done with minimal stimulation or natural cycle for diminished ovarian reserve patients, saving thousands of dollars in medication cost.

Ultimately, the best decision is made in consultation with your infertility specialist. It’s important to have options and price points coupled with real statistical expectations of pregnancy for each option. Only then can you make an educated decision for the best fit.

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