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2019 National Infertility Awareness Week: #InfertilityUncovered

by Chelsea Fertility NYCPosted in InfertilityApril 18th, 2019

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) works with couples and individuals to remove stigmas associated with infertility and break down the barriers preventing people from building the family they desire. We hope you will join Chelsea Fertility NYC in honoring this year’s NIAW, April 21st – April 27th.

Paying for Fertility Care
This year’s theme, #InfertilityUncovered, highlights the various issues affecting those dealing with infertility, namely a lack of access to family-building resources. For millions of people across the country, lack of health insurance coverage or inability to pay out of pocket for fertility solutions can mean the difference between starting a family and not. At Chelsea Fertility, we understand these stresses clearly, and are committed to keeping fertility treatments affordable with reasonable pricing and special promotions designed with your priorities in mind. Please contact our team for any questions relating treatment cost, we’re happy to assist.

Learn about NIAW: How Did it Start?
RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association started NIAW in 1974 with a simple, powerful mission: to support people living with infertility. Since then, many people have become much more open in sharing their stories, and public discourse has shifted to lessen the stigmas surrounding infertility. While great progress has been made, much work remains to be done.

Get Involved With NIAW!
There are a number of ways to support #InfertilityUncovered.

  • Spread the word. Sharing #InfertilityUncovered on social media, talking with others about the issues facing people dealing with infertility, and sharing your own experiences can make a big difference in raising awareness and keeping the conversation going.
  • Host an event. RESOLVE can help you get started with fundraiser events, no matter how big or small, as well as DIY Walks of Hope. Both of these can help bring together your community while raising money for the millions of people hoping to build a family.
  • Be an advocate for better health insurance coverage. Many people struggle to afford infertility solutions due to lack of coverage. Make a point to talk to your employer about the options made available to you and your colleagues.

Keep Learning
To learn more about the issues surrounding infertility and educate yourself on the topic in general, the team at Chelsea Fertility invites you to explore our blog posts.