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New Egg Exchange Program at Chelsea Fertility NYC

Chelsea Fertility of New York City is proud to offer our newest financial option for lesbian couples, the Egg Exchange Program. Our new program supports the unique needs of same-sex female couples in New York City who wish to build their family. We understand that fertility care can be a financial burden for many, and that this, when coupled with the current general lack of insurance coverage can add significant stress on the path of parenthood.

At Chelsea Fertility NYC, we pride ourselves on offering affordable fertility treatments at our convenient New York City location. Our facility was designed to provide a “one-stop” boutique experience for our patients in order to save them from overwhelming costs, plus extra time and effort. We have centralized the experience with everything needed (accredited surgical suite and embryology/andrology labs) for assisted reproductive treatment in one private location. We truly understand the priorities of lesbian couples, regardless of age, which is why we created our new Egg Exchange Program.

As an alternative to traditional artificial insemination, The Egg Exchange Program at Chelsea Fertility NYC is a low-cost modern family solution. Under this program, one woman will provide the eggs, and her partner will be implanted with the embryo and carry the baby. This allows both partners the opportunity to take part in the family-building process. Many of our patients have reported that this aspect is of particular importance to them, especially when one partner is unable to donate her eggs because they are low quality, but she is still able to carry the baby. After the embryos are fertilized and implanted via modified natural cycle in vitro fertilization (IVF) or “mini IVF” (which reduces cost and exposure to fertility hormone medications), the couple can enjoy a pregnancy with both partners having a role in bringing their child into the world.

The cost for the Chelsea Fertility NYC Egg Exchange Program is $12,000. This price includes medical services such as monitoring, egg retrieval, lab culturing and embryo transfer. An additional $1,000 cost is required for medications under this plan. Our Egg Exchange Program fees for lesbian couples are significantly lower compared to standard donor egg treatment cycles of other fertility centers and hospitals in the New York City area.

If you are interested in the Egg Exchange Program at Chelsea Fertility NYC, we invite you to please contact us today.