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Five Ways to Stay Optimistic During Fertility Treatment

by Chelsea Fertility NYCPosted in InfertilityMarch 28th, 2019

Undergoing fertility treatments can be an emotional, stressful experience. Experiencing feelings of negativity during this time is perfectly normal, but they can be difficult to work through nonetheless.

Below are four tips we like to provide patients with in order to help them stay positive during fertility treatments.

1. Be kind to yourself.
Undergoing fertility treatments is bound to be stressful at times, both mentally and physically. While it’s easy to fall into a spiral of negative thoughts, try to remember that any trouble you’re having conceiving is not your fault. You’re not to blame for anything, and your body isn’t either. No one is to blame; it’s just the situation you’re dealing with.

So, as you deal with it, remember to speak to yourself internally the way you would to a friend undergoing infertility treatments. You probably wouldn’t tell them that they can’t conceive because of unhealthy lifestyle choices they made, or that they’re just “not meant” to have kids. You’d tell them that you’re there for them, that they deserve every happiness, and that even if things do not work out as planned, they will be surrounded by people who love them.

When you notice yourself spiraling into negative self-talk, remember to be a friend to yourself too.

2. Learn how to best deal with your feelings of stress and negativity.
Feelings of anger, stress, sadness, helplessness, anxiety, and resentfulness are common for women undergoing fertility treatments, and there’s no shame in experiencing these emotions. While it’s important to be kind to yourself, it’s also important not to suppress these feelings. It’s okay to feel upset or sad or angry; it’s human.

Realizing how to best channel these complicated emotions, though, can make a huge difference as you continue on this journey. Find what works for you; it may be journaling about your feelings, or exercising to release stress. Or perhaps you find comfort in sharing your experience with others, whether that means comparing experiences in online fertility forums or joining a fertility support group.

Cooking, making time to read a good book before bed, or just enjoying nature on a sunny day may also help you accept and release the difficult emotions you’re experiencing, so you can better enjoy the many good things in your life. Find what works for you.

3. Open up to the right people.
Some women feel embarrassed that they’re undergoing fertility treatments, while others may view it as an intensely private matter and be unwilling to discuss it with anyone. If this rings true, first, remember that thousands of women across the world are also dealing with infertility. You may even be acquainted with someone undergoing treatments and have no idea.

While it’s understandable that you may wish to maintain some privacy during this sensitive time, it’s important to work through your feelings with people you trust. Keeping emotions bottled up inside of you will only lead to more negativity and stress.

Also, if you’re undergoing fertility treatments with a partner by your side, that’s great! However, it can be hard for someone so close to you — and to the experience — to always offer the kind of support you need. Whether it’s your mom, best friend, a therapist, or a support group, seek out others who will really listen to you, not those who try to solve your problems and offer unsolicited advice.

4. Remember to keep living your life.
It’s easy to be all-consumed by the physical and emotional effort involved in undergoing fertility treatments, but try to make some time for the things and people you love. You’re not defined by your fertility, and getting your mind off of treatment will help you clear your head, better process your emotions, and re-energize yourself to continue the journey.

Try not to get too stuck in routines; fertility treatments involve a lot of paperwork, a lot of tests, and a lot of … routines. Once a week or so, try doing something new, no matter how small. This could mean taking a more scenic way home from work, experimenting with new ingredients in the kitchen, or finding time for a mini getaway with your partner or friends.

Whatever it is, remember how much you have going for you and how much you’ve accomplished.

Staying Positive During Fertility Treatments
Undergoing fertility treatments can be emotionally and physically taxing, but keeping these few points in mind can go a long way in keeping your spirits up. Taking time for the things you love, finding someone trustworthy to confide in, learning how to release negative feelings, and simply being kind to yourself can all help in staying positive and healthy during this time.

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