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Chelsea Fertility NYC's Drs. Gindoff and Hartog Celebrate 10 Years of Clinical Partnership

This past fall Dr. Paul Gindoff and Dr. Beth Hartog returned to New York to launch Chelsea Fertility of New York City, and this month marks their tenth year working together to provide successful IVF services to those who wish to build their families.

With over 25 years of combined experience in in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, Drs. Gindoff and Hartog are proud to bring their expertise to patients in New York City who struggle with the financial burden that many who undergo fertility treatment experience.

Providing Affordable IVF in New York City

After ten years of teamwork, the physicians of Chelsea Fertility NYC founded the practice and its IVF laboratory with the strong belief that anyone who wishes to have a child should be able to, and that financial constraints should not keep someone back from having a baby. In vitro fertilization is a common procedure in the fertility community, but this does not mean that it has decreased in price with increased need. Some fertility patients may find the anticipated cost of IVF to be so daunting that they choose an alternative treatment route that may be less likely to succeed, or they may decide to end fertility treatment altogether.

We at Chelsea Fertility NYC believe in helping our patients navigate all of the costs associated with assisted reproduction, which is why we offer affordable care options, as well as financial counselors who meet with patients individually to review insurance coverage, discuss payment plans and financing, and calculate overall costs so you know exactly what to expect from start to finish.

Since the total cost of each individual treatment plan may vary with your diagnosis, course of treatment, insurance coverage, and prescription benefits, Chelsea Fertility of New York City designed low-cost IVF packages with your needs in mind. With self-pay IVF packages starting at just $5,500 (Natural Cycle or minimal stimulated IVF), and IVF with additional services starting at $7,500 (full stimulated IVF with ICSI), we are dedicated to making sure that your IVF experience will not leave you and your partner with a significant financial burden.

A Stress-Free Patient Experience

In order to ensure that your time with Chelsea Fertility NYC is as stress-free as possible, Drs. Gindoff and Hartog now offer patients extended hours – our office will remain open until 7PM on Tuesdays. We know that missing work or other appointments for fertility treatment is a source of frequent stress for patients, so our newly extended hours were created to help avoid missing out on daily commitments.

We also provide comprehensive fertility treatment services seven days a week, all year long.

Additionally, Chelsea Fertility of New York City is offering free initial consultations for new patients. This is a limited time offer, so please contact our office to schedule your appointment today.