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When Is a Second Opinion Needed for an Infertility Diagnosis?

When first diagnosed with a fertility issue, patients are faced with the tough decision on what to do next. Should they continue with the treatment plan that is recommended by their current fertility practice or should they seek a second opinion?

Reasons for seeking a second opinion

Fertility patients may seek a second opinion on their diagnosis for a variety of reasons. In some cases, patients may question whether a recommended treatment plan is right for their family building goals, or they are concerned that their treatment plan will stretch their finances past a comfortable limit.

For many, ensuring that a diagnosis is 100 percent accurate is the main motivation for seeking a second opinion. Patients may doubt the accuracy of a diagnosis, this is especially common for patients who are first learning or are surprised by a medical condition that impacts their infertility. Examples of this include premature menopause or PCOS. Patients also want to ensure that they share a sense of trust with their provider, and a second opinion is often used to reassure that trust.

Should I seek a second opinion for my fertility diagnosis?

Whether you choose to seek a second opinion is ultimately your decision. Sometimes, patients will simply “trust their gut,” but for others, they are not satisfied until they explore every option available prior to beginning treatment. Outside of LGBTQ couples or those who are already aware of a medical issue that affects fertility, needing reproductive services or third-party reproduction services such as an egg donor, sperm donor or gestational surrogate can come as a difficult discovery. It is natural to seek out as much information as you can on your diagnosis.

Seeking a second opinion at Chelsea Fertility NYC

The fertility specialists of Chelsea Fertility NYC are often consulted when a second opinion is requested or needed. We’re happy to review any patient’s case. We recognize the need for a compassionate approach, where patients’ questions are always encouraged and treated with care, never dismissed as silly or unnecessary. Our practice is designed around the belief that fertility care is best in an inclusive environment that does not burden patients with the cost of treatment.

If you are interested in getting a second opinion on an infertility diagnosis, please contact our office today.